Loretta Lynn’s ranch has become hallowed grounds in the motocross world. The amateur national brings in the best from all around the world. Even the gruling qualifying process makes anyone at the event an automatic champion. Andy Mathieu set a goal of qualifying for the race in 2016 and headed south to Mount Morris, PA for the Northeast Regional Qualifier.

The 3 moto format insures that there are no “fluke qualifiers” going through to the national and only taking top 6 make the stakes even higher. Moto 1 for the 53 was fairly uneventful. A decent start and a solid performance in the 30+ Vet class put him across the line in second and set up well for the second 2 motos. After feeling out the class he went into the 2nd moto with a little more confidence and come out swinging leading most of the race and finishing 1st.

Mud Motos

Andy after the 3rd moto.

On Sunday the skies opened up and the track became a mud pit. Andy lined up for the final moto with a 2-1 score, still requiring a decent finish to ensure Team EJP’s first appearance at the ranch. He rocketed off the line and got a great start but immediately went down on the first lap. The heart rate shot through the roof after the entire field went by leaving him to battle through everyone to qualify. After one lap of struggling with his roll-offs he ditched the goggles and fought through the back dodging the roost.

Andy Mathieu would finish the 3rd moto in 4th and acquired a ticket to the Rocky Mountain AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn Ranch.