It was a perfect day at Hemond’s Motocross Park in Minot Maine for the Team EJP, Artworx Blizzardcross. Andy Mathieu worked tirelessly for the two weeks leading up to the event to remove snow and create a course layout that would fit motocross, utvs, quads, and even three wheelers. Racing kicked off at 11am with a great attendance of both racers and fans.

Mathieu chose to race just one class due to his role as a promoter. He did not let the busy schedule get to him in the morning and showed it with his performance in Moto 1. A rough start would put him in the tough position of taking on a lot of roost which was comprised of snow, ice, and muddy water. He would make quick work of Jack Zarse and Jordan Lister to take the lead and get into a groove. He led the rest of the 30 minute Moto and set himself up for an overall. Moto 2 however, did not go so smooth. On the first lap Andy hit the deck hard in the woods. After he remounted, he gauged out the leaders and put on a charge. Mathieu found himself on the ground for a second time unfortunately, and would have to settle for a 2nd overall on the weekend.

The Team EJP pit seemed to have rough luck on their side for this race. Travis Steward lined up for the 50cc Shaft Drive class prepared to do battle in the deep muddy water. His jump off the gate put him just behind Kingston Mason. The deep mud on the start straight reached up and grabbed Kingston’s front wheel and took him down with Travis getting collected with him on the ground. He would remount the PW50 and put on a charge for the front. After 2 laps he passed his way up into 2nd which is where he would stay until the checkered flag flew. The course conditions only allowed for one Moto with the Minis.

The team now begins to prepare for Spring Motocross. Photo Credit : Acorace Photography