Ingvi Brigisson, Andri Snær Gudmundsson, and Einar Sigurðsson came to the US to represent their home country of Iceland. The team was excited to ride the famous hills of Red Bud in Michigan but this track would be unlike anything anyone had raced before. The rain started well before the racers even got to the track and continued straight through the weekend.

Dealing with extremely wet weather and an oversaturated track, things started rough for the team when Einar came up short on one of the bigger jumps on the track and went over the handlebars. He walked away and the team began their bid at qualifying for the 20 team main events on Sunday.

Qualifying also offered struggles for the team as they dealt with more mud and heavy rains. They would be forced into the B final transfer race and would come up just short of making the big show on Sunday.

With all of the adversity they met through the weekend Team Iceland still finished with their best finish ever at 22nd overall! Team EJP is proud of the performance put on by the Icelanders!