As the summer starts to heat up in the northeast the Team EJP riders are finding their flow. Both Travis Steward and Andy Mathieu brought AMA #1 plates back to the race shop as well as both facing some defeat. 

Andy took to the hills of Tomahawk Raceway in Hedgesville, WV to try to punch a ticket to the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship. A rough first moto in the 30+ class would leave him out of the running for qualification so he turned all of his attention to the 40+ class. This approach would prove successful as he would go 1-1-1 and sweep his way to a #1 plate and a ticket to the ranch! 

That same weekend the #953 lined up to compete in the Maine State Championship at MX207 in Lyman, ME. He would find his groove early and finish the weekend going 1-1-1-1 and take home the #1 plate as well The championship. He would not go unchallenged as the 709 of Cooper Zink battled every moto and would put on a show on the final gate drop jumping over Travis’ head for the lead. The battle would go down to the last lap where Travis finally found an edge in the switchbacks and took the checkers.

Both Team EJP riders faced true adversity following their success. Travis would compete in the regional qualifier for Loretta’s at Pleasure Valley Raceway in Seward, PA. The competition would prove stiff and he would leave with a 29th on the PW50 and a 34th in the 50 4-6.

Andy’s competition really heated up at Southwick’s NESC race. Well, actually after the race. Andy never lined up for the race but instead, was on his way home from Tennessee. The #717 of Billy Clark left the Wick and started traveling north towards Maine, fresh off what we can only imagine as a disappointing finish and a sore lower half. As he merged onto i95 he found his chance for redemption. On the horizon he saw Andy Mathieu, traveling in an underpowered motorhome and ripe for the passing. Billy made the pass quick and made it stick adding an L to Andy’s season and boosting the Clark tribes hopes for a strong year. 

The team now looks towards August where they will travel to the Ranch in Tennessee and the hills of Unadilla NY.