We have reached the midway point in the 2016 motocross season and Team EJP is living up to the seasons potential. As Patrick begins to find more speed and climb towards the top step of the podium, Andy is preparing himself for what could arguably be the toughest race on the planet.

The Gold Cup New England Classic attracted some top competition to the hills of Minot Maine. Patrick Prescott had great starts through the weekend coming out swinging on day one in the 85 B by running most of the first moto in the top 3. A few mistakes would push him back to 4th which is where he would finish off the last 2 motos for a 4th overall. The Supermini class was stacked with almost 30 riders lining up. Pat was able to maintain his good starts and finish 5, 7, 6, for 6th overall.

Andy Mathieu’s luck at the Gold cup was a little more “up & down”. Andy suffered a DNF (did not finish) in the first moto of the 450 A class which sealed his fate for that class. He would prove his ability to run up front in the final 2 motos crossing the line in 4th & 3rd for a 7th overall. The #53 would go head to head with one of New England’s fastest in the 30+ A Class, taking on Jacob Morrison. Morrison would take the advantage winning the 2 first motos of the weekend. Andy would counter with a win in moto 3 but, that would not be enough for the Cup.

2016 Gold Cup New England Classic video including Team EJP Riders.

After the Gold Cup Patrick has decided to take a couple weeks off from racing to prepare for a busy Fall schedule. Andy on the other hand, has his work cut out for him preparing for the ranch.

The best place to get in some seat time has been across the boarder in Canada racing the Série MX Motocross. Full gates and long motos have kept Andy in the saddle and on the throttle. After 2 rounds the #53 Team EJP KTM is at the top going 1-1-1 in New Richmond and 1-1-2 in St-Marcel de Lislet. His only moto loss coming from a bad start and a lot of pass restrictive roost.

Both the #199 & the #53 head north to Canada this weekend to Matane for Pat’s first International race. Fresh off the 6D Helmets ride day at Southwick, the two feel prepared for the weekend!