While many of us were picking up gifts for dear old dad for fathers day, Patrick Prescott was busy flying through the gears. During the weekend Patrick raced the Maine Motocross Series race at MX207 in Lyman Maine. Patrick placed 4th in the 65C and the 65 open.

UPDATE: Lane Shorey is still out and hoping to be riding in a week or two to prepare for the New England Classic at Hemonds MX Park.

To see Patrick’s results Click Here!

Mean while Reid Lanpher qualified 3rd and placed 6th down at NHMS road course. During the feature Reid had the lead but got in a little trouble in the camping section of NHMS. This small mistake, and a restart, set him back to 20th place. However, he pulled himself together and passed 14 cars in the last 5 laps to move into 6th place where he finished. Reid said that it was “Over all a very fun, seccessful day of racing including a bit of learning in the patience department.”

Be sure to watch the race below