Over the past two weeks the riders of Team EJP have proven that the ground is truly as solid as it looks. Lane Shorey made the trip to Steel-City Raceway in Pennsylvania two weeks ago in hopes of qualifying for the Loretta Lynn’s National Championship race this summer. Instead as he took to the track he lost focus and slammed himself into the soil ending his weekend, and possibly the 2012 season for good. He suffered a compressed hip and a knee injury that has yet to be diagnosed. In the next couple weeks we will know for sure whether Lane is spending the rest of the season racing at the track, or sitting next to the pool recouping.

On the lighter side Patrick Prescott has been on the throttle. This past weekend’s event took place at Hemond’s Motocross Park in Minot Me. Patrick started the day with a win in the 65C class leading every lap and then backed that up with a 3rd in the 65 Open. He was going into the second moto’s of the day with a chance to go home with two overalls but in the blink of an eye everything changed. Patrick went down in the first turn and started the second moto dead last. He then climbed to second just before hitting the deck a second time which left him back in 5th, giving him 3rd overall. The second moto of the Open class is where things got crazy. Pat put himself into 3rd early on but had a miscue going into the downhill section and wrapped himself up into the bike and cartwheeled his way to a DNF giving him 12th overall. His confident ride will no doubt take him into next weekends race at MX207 with something to prove.

Reid Lanpher had an off weekend and is preparing to take on the road course next week. Stay posted for more results as the season goes on!

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