As the summer weather heats up the team headed north to find cooler temperatures and an ocean side breeze at Matane.

This was Patrick Prescott’s first time racing in Canada and his hope was to make it a memorable experience. The #199 would line up to race 2 classes; Supermini Open & Factory 9-14 Open. Pat would immediately show he was there to win by ripping the holeshot in the Factory Open class which even included a few big bikes. He would lead wire to wire and take the moto one victory and follow that up with the same showing in the Supermini Open class. His only hiccup came in moto 2 of the Factory open when he was unable to pull a holeshot but, followed that up with a first lap pass for the lead and a win overall in both classes.

Andy Mathieu was back to business as usual taking all three moto wins and extending the points lead he has over Karl Normand and Philippe Querry. Andy has been spending his weekends on the track and his weekdays in the sauna preparing for the brutal heat of Tennessee. He will pack up the Team EJP rig and head south to the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National this week.

Stay tuned for updates from the ranch!