The Maine State Championship has grown to be one of the premier events of the year here in Maine. When the Team EJP Motocross team put together the schedule for this year, the annual MSC event at MX207 in Lyman Maine was a high priority. With the strong emphasis put on this race, Patrick pulled through with the speed and aggression he has been pushing so hard to attain.

Starts have been strong for Pat this season and he kept that trend going in the 85cc class by starting right upfront. His only weakness on the season has been a tendency to override his ability to hang on and not far into moto one the bug hit again and Pat sampled the 207 dirt. As the 199 machine always does, he managed to come back through the pack like an old school Bubba Stewart, and started getting his lap times down to what the leaders were running.

His speed continued through the Supermini motos as he went up against some of New England’s fastest mini riders. Mid pack starts would not hold Patrick back from pushing through the pack and getting his lap times to rival even the fastest Supermini riders.

The results on the weekend would again not show how well he truly rode. In the supermini Pat went 21-18-14-13 for 13th overall and in the 85 he would score 5-8-2-3- for 5th overall. On the last moto of the day, on the very last lap of the weekend Patrick was coming through the pack after another costly fall when he turned over the fastest lap time of the race in the 85 class!

With our season half way over and quite a few events still to come, Team EJP is looking good to chase down some podium finishes!