The Maine State Championship has been one of the highlights of the racing season here in New England. The Stuart family put together this 4 moto formatted race to attract competition from around the Northeast and has gained coverage from around the country. This track acts as one of Team EJP’s home tracks, and our athletes felt comfortable right from the start.

Lane Shorey lined up and was ready to prove that he is back from the injury that took him off the bike for almost a full year. He did just that by starting up front, and finishing there. He gained speed through every moto and battled hard to get himself two moto wins. As the weekend came to a close the only rider on the track that was able to keep a better moto average than the #141 was Lane Gagne on the #562. Shorey would end his quest for a championship going 3 – 2 – 1 – 2 for 2nd overall in the Open B class and 2 – 1 – 2 – 8 for 2nd overall in the 450 B class.

Patrick Prescott had all the speed in the first motos of the weekend but unfortunately bike problems pulled him back in the pack, and eventually would suffer a DNF by the end of the day on Saturday. Sunday was a different story. This time Patrick had the bike under him that allowed him to come back from bad starts and break into the top ten. His finishes on Sunday would up his averages but still keep him outside of the top ten overall in both classes. Pat would end the weekend going 21 – 17 – 8 – 10 for 13th overall in the 85 C class and 20 – DNF – 20 – 13 for 19th overall in the Supermini class.

Making a guest appearance under the Team EJP racing tent for the 2014 MSMC was the #95 of Cody Russell. Cody would bring home the only championship of the weekend for Team EJP and did so going 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 for 1st overall.

Overall it was a very successful campaign for Team EJP and sets us up for a promising Fall racing season.