Patrick spent most of the weekend getting rough starts and running laps on the MX-207 track with little battling. Each class he raced had some heavy hitters on the line and after a lap or so everyone in the field would separate by a few seconds. Pat’s bad starts would make it hard for him to take advantage of his late moto speed. By the time Sunday came around the #199 ride was finally starting to regain some of the speed he had been lacking all weekend. He started the day by airing out the double heading into the back section and kept that going all day long. It seemed as though it was too little too late as he would finish the weekend outside of the top 5 in both of his 65 classes and leave the track with a 4th place overall in the 85 Beginner.

Patrick is excited to get back to racing the Maine Series this weekend at Hemond’s in Minot ME. Here is a big gallery from the Vurb Classic!