Word spread quick once it was announced that the 125 2-stroke Dream Race was making it’s way to the sandy hills of MX388. When the race was first announced Andy Mathieu was one of the first names on the pre entry list. Team EJP Racing went all in on a bike and a Lynx motor that could compete at the front of the pack.

Unfortunately, Andy had a crash in Iceland and broke his wrist. The surgery and healing process had him schedule for return well after the 125 Dream Race in Southwick Massachusetts. With a bike prepared for battle, and no rider to pilot, Team EJP Racing looked like it was going to have to sit out the June 30th race.

This is where the New England legend, Brian Bagley comes into the picture. While dropping some suspension off to Andy, Brian let him in on the fact that he was thinking about contesting the Dream Race on a 2006 YZ125 with a less than desirable motor. This is when the two decided it would be a better fit for Brian to run the Team EJP Racing Husqvarna.

After a couple hours of testing and his first gate drops in over 8 years at the 2018 Gold Cup New England Classic, Brian is ready to take it to the sandy berms of Southwick! He will have his work cut out for him as the pre entry list is stacked with both top national and locals racers.

Tickets are still available for the National and the 125 Dream Race takes off at 12:20pm!

Photos: Frank Arbour