When consistency meets speed it is a dangerous combination that makes for good results. In the case of Patrick Prescott these elements have come together just before one of the biggest races to come to Maine. This coming weekend MX-207 will play host to the Vurb Classic. This is an event that promises to bring in talent from across the country to compete for the right to be a champion.

This past weekend the Lyman, Maine track held the Maine Motocross Series and acted as a great trial run. The #199 bike was lined up for 3 classes on Sunday, 65 C, 65 Open, and the 85 C class and finally got the consistent rides he needed to bring home three top five finishes. From start to finish Pat rode strong through the day, making it the first time he ever left the track with 3 plaques in hand.

All eyes are now focused on August 24th, and 25th. Does Patrick have what it takes to come home with a championship in hand? For more info on how the Vurb Classic go to MX207.com