The 2013 Gold Cup New England Classic this weekend drew competitors from all over the Northeast. Not only did that mean the gate would be full, but also that the competition would be stacked. Patrick Prescott showed up ready for the task at hand and decided to focus on the 65 this weekend and leave the 85 on the stand.

Pat’s first moto of the weekend was the 65 C class. He ripped an awesome start and got right into his rhythm. Tearing apart the Minot Maine hillside he rode a consistent ride finishing in the top ten. As soon as he returned to the pits he was headed right back to the line for the 65 Open class. This class was stacked with over 25 riders all ranging from C to A class. He managed another clean start and moved his way up to 13th.

The three moto format in each class made for a long weekend but it is a method of scoring that usually works in Pat’s favor. Unfortunately in the final moto of the 65 C class he went down on the first lap while running 5th. He would loose a ton of time to the front pack and this would destroy his chance at a top 10 overall on the weekend.

Throughout the long weekend Pat stayed positive and finished strong overall going 13-14-15 for 13th overall in the 65 Open Class and 8-13-14 for 12th overall in the 65 C class. Next on the schedule is the Maine Motocross Series to chase down an MMS Championship.