Going into Saturday morning’s racing in WInchester New Hampshire, the EJP riders were feeling good about where they were in the season. Lane had already qualified for the regional in a couple classes and Patrick was about to start his journey towards Loretta’s. Practice went great for both riders and soon they were walking their bikes to the line for the racing to start.

Lane’s goal for the weekend was to qualify for the classes that he missed out on two weeks ago in Broom Tioga. His morning started rough with a first turn pile up that would see him clear out of the top 20. He made a charge through the pack and finished 18th. That gave him motivation to step up his game for the next moto. Unfortunately he pushed it just a little too hard and ended his weekend with an endo into the woops. Upon impact he broke his femur and while on the ground got hit by a few bikes.

Lane was transported to the hospital where he got surgery on the injury. A rod has been inserted into his leg that will become a permanent part of his body. Late Monday night Lane got back home to begin the long road to recovery. He is expected to make a full comeback and has hopes of remounting the EJP KTM later this summer.

The results from Pat’s weekend showed a much happier ending. For his first ever ride in a Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier on Saturday he had an amazing showing finishing the day in 10th overall. The competition in Pat’s class for the national event is enormous.

On Sunday the 199 ride decided to come back to Maine and run the Maine Motocross Series event at MX-207. He continued to ride strong spending his motos battling it out with the #6 of Mikey Shaw. Pat was strong all day with one miscue on the final moto where a last lap crash would result in a 5th place moto finish.

Pat will continue his 2013 race campaign while his teammate Lane Shorey rehabs his leg.

Reid Lanpher was set to race for JR Motorsports on Saturday when rain forced track officials to cancel the race. He will be running the EJP Racing, Mission Trailers car this weekend here in Scarborough Maine.

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