The 2013 motocross season is here and Team EJP Racing is ready to battle! The plan of attack this year is to get Lane Shorey to Loretta’s and to put Pat Prescott on the podium here in the Northeast. The schedules for each rider will vary throughout the year, but there will still be plenty of venues where the team will be in full force!

This weekend was Lane’s first shot at qualifying for the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National. Stop number one was Broom Tioga Sports Center in Richford NY for the area qualifier. The cold weather and rough track conditions kept Lane’s results very quiet throughout Saturdays racing. In both 250 classes he would finish 9th, one spot out of qualifying position for the Regional in Maryland.
Sunday saw even colder conditions with snow on the ground as the first races left the gate. Lane lined up for the collegeboy and 450 classes. Although he was still fighting the cobwebs from a long winter and struggling with learning a new track, he managed to battle through and qualify for both classes. The intentions of his 2013 Loretta’s campaign is to race the 250 classes so he will be lining up at the area qualifier in Winchester, NH for another shot at it. In the next few weeks Lane will prepare for his second area qualifier by racing NESC an MMS races at MX-207 in Lyman, ME.

Patrick’s first race of the year kicked off at Hemond’s Motocross Park in Minot, ME. At first glance it looked as though Pat was right back where he finished 2012. He was comfortable on the bike and looking good in his first motos when he dropped the front end and got trapped under the bike. When the bike landed the throttle was pinned wide open and by the time help arrived the over revving had taken its toll on the bike.

With no compression in the motor and not enough time in the tight race schedule Pat was forced to sit out the remainder of the races. While this is a disappointing start to his season, he is ready for a comeback at MX-207 on May 5th for MMS round 2.
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